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Your Team

certified financial coaches

Our agenda is your agenda. Asking questions and listening to help you uncover and progressively develop your way to your best life.

Financial coaching

Passionate About Your Path Your Way

Financial coaching is one of the newer "kids" in the personal finance arena. Instead of an advise-based model where we tell you what we think you should do, our way of financial coaching is to have a conversation with you where the goal is for you to have a place to sort out and gather all your thoughts--where knowing yourself (which you do)--you can come to actionable realizations about where you want to go and what you need to do next. So...we are passionate about being there for you where you can talk it all out with one of our financial professionals who are also coaches in order to design your way to life the way you want it.


Exclusively for veterans, military and first responders.

Coaches are certified both as an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) and Financial Fitness Coach (FFC). Read more about YOUR COACHES

What to expect in a coaching session is to be heard. Coaches are trained to ask questions which help move you forward to what is most important to you according to your agenda.  Sessions are by phone or video conference. Initial sessions may be one to two hours. Follow-up sessions are optional and last up to an hour. Everything shared in sessions is confidential. To schedule a session click here. You will be asked some questions as part of the scheduling process as part of getting to know you and your situation.

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